Men Go Fishing All Their Lives Without Knowing It’s Not Fish They Are After

Why Go Fishing – especially when on holiday in paradise?

Men Go Fishing All Their Lives Without Knowing It’s Not Fish They Are After

Why is it Men Go Fishing All Their Lives Without Knowing It’s Not Fish They Are After? How long have you enjoyed fishing? Most likely ever since you were a boy. At first, back in those days, it was an adventure often spent with an older relative; your Dad or a favourite Uncle. Then once a level of proficiency and independence was reached time with your mates to while away the day enjoying magical moments and even catching the odd fish.

Men Go Fishing All Their Lives Without Knowing It’s Not Fish They Are After01As you get older fishing just doesn’t lose that magic and you realise that it is a challenge, a magical challenge, which becomes more than a desire but a need for your wellbeing. Fishing is a healing process of the mind. It allows you the opportunity to relax but at the same time to challenge yourself against the unknown.

Why go fishing? You should go fishing because it is the very best kind of addiction, because it does you good. It is about not knowing what you will catch today, will it be a new record, a new species, a trophy fish or even a world record but it is also about so much more. Fishing is about being on or by the water, relaxing and being one with nature. It allows you that all important opportunity to detach yourself from your daily routine.

I’ll be the first to admit it’s not for everyone. But I’ve found even people who come to it late in life love fishing more than most any other hobby. Why? Well there are several reasons you need more fishing in your lives.

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  • Fishing really gives you a chance to leave your life at home. Being by the lake or river allows you to “unplug” whilst you’re there. Leave the office and all you daily troubles where they belong.
  • Fishing is a way of focusing on the here and now. The thing about fishing is that you’re doing something – but not much. You concentrate on what you are doing but still have the opportunity to focus on as close to nothing as possible. You could pay a fortune to a therapist to achieve the same result.
  • Fishing lets you re-attach with your childhood. How many of us, when we were younger, taken fishing by our Dad’s or favourite Uncle or even an older sibling? Fishing allows you to re-visit those memories. Now in more mature years that cathartic memory can be amazingly beneficial. Taking that relative with you, either physically or in your heart can be amazing fun.
  • It enables quality time with friends. What better way to spend your day than connecting with friends, talking about the important things in life (Most certainly not work) and having a friendly competition to see who strikes the more often.
  • It gives you time to think. When you’re not with your friends fishing gives you time to think. There’s almost no better place than whilst fishing, to reflect and meditate. Fishing allows your mind and body to relax and to connect ideas, follow random thoughts and dream. Such freedom of thought provides an opportunity to put things into perspective. With the everyday pressures of life it is so easy to lose perspective. When fishing we’re finally off the treadmill and it’s easier to reconnect with the big picture.
  • Fishing provides a focal point. Fishing is a focal activity. If you’re feeling distracted, lost, or disconnected from your purpose, fishing is a simple way to get back on track.
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Chalong Fishing Park – Staff

Chalong Fishing Park – Staff

Chalong Fishing Park - The Staff - Big-Boss - Jen

Big-Boss “Jen”

Jen, will be known to many who have holidayed or spent nights out in Karon Beach, as prior to taking on the project which has become the Chalong Fishing Park, she was the cashier at ever popular Jack’s Bar.

Jen and her partner have have worked exceptionally hard over the last year to bring to Phuket the premier attraction which is Chalong Fishing Park.  As the park matures and settles their hard work will undoubtedly pay them good dividends offering an amazingly relaxing venue for fishing or just plain chilling out.

Bar & General Duties “Wii”

Do you see any similarities to the “Big Boss”? You should as Wii is Jens, sister.  In true Thai tradition Jen reached out to her sister with a call for help when she began to staff Chalong Fishing Park. Wii immediately came to help and help she does. She is a little shy as her language skills are still developing but Wii is a grafter and you will always see her busy doing something.  She operates the bar, helps with the cooking , tidies and cleans. She is that key member of staff who is always on hand to help out no matter what is needed – a proper little “Super Star”.

Chalong Fishing Park - The Staff - Bar & General Duties - Wii
Chalong Fishing Park Staff - Cook Sert

Cook & Head Bottle Washer “Sert”

Sert may well be known to many who have spent time in Karon Beach as she has been a cook in a number of popular local restaurants including Chilli Pepper and Living Room. A wiz in the kitchen, she is a skilled cook of Thai food and well accomplished at “Farang”dishes as well.

Head Gillie “Boy”

Forever popular Boy was the first member of staff taken on at Chalong Fishing Park.  Boy has been around Phuket and in particular Karon for some years.  He is a hard worker who speaks good English and always is ready with a smile and a joke.  Like most Thai’s, Boy has any easy manner and he has a great relationship with all the customers but especially with the kids.  With them he pulls out all the stops to help them enjoy their day to the fullest.  He will teach them the best way to fish and also help them when they get a fighter.

Boy, is now developing the skill of being able to tell what breed of fish you have on the line by the way the fish begins its fight.  Test him out and see if he gets it right or wrong.  Either way it will end up with everyone laughing.

Chalong Fishing Park - The Staff - Head Gillie - Boy
Chalong- Fishing Park - The Staff - 2nd-Gillie - Ott

2nd-Gillie “Ott”

The last one to join The Chalong Fishing Park family Ott is slowly coming out of his shell.  Like Wii Ott moves around the park with little fuss and certainly no fanfare.  Not yet as accomplished as Boy he is taking to the job well and learning on a daily basis.  Always willing to help and please Ott will certainly help you enjoy your day fishing.