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Inter Bar Fish Off at Chalong Fishing Park

Inter Bar Fish Off at Chalong Fishing Park

Islander v Walkabout

For some time we have been considering different options where we can involve local groups and businesses within the activities at Chalong Fishing Park and also, maybe, to introduce a fun, competitive edge to the fishing.

Well last week we took a step into unexplored waters (I know a terrible pun) and we hosted an Inter Bar Fish Off at Chalong Fishing Park involving  friends from two local bars, Islander from Rawai and Walkabout in Karon. Both bars host pool teams that play against each other in the local Thursday Pool League. Whenever they play it is always in good humour but also competitive, so we anticipated the same approach to a fishing match.

Well it was a cracking day for the Islander v Walkabout fishing match. Although the weather was against us and the fishing was slower than it can be everyone other than one, of the contestants caught fish during the allocated time.

The day comprised of lots of banter and lots of beer with Islander winning comfortably and members of their team winning both the individual prizes. Perhaps team Walkabout shouldn’t have had beer for breakfast!!!

A big thank you to Flob from Walkabout and Mark from Islander for making the day possible and also to those who took part, Bill, Ingo, Graeme, Fuzz and Suggs the winning team from Islander and Dave, Richard, Danny and Julie from Walkabout

Great afternoon with Islander and Walkabout, Islander came with a plan and Walkabout came drunk, great fun, lots of banter, thanks lads and lasses!!!

Why don’t you have a go?

We had such fun with the teams from Walkabout and Islander that we have decided it would be a great idea to offer these fun but competitive days fishing, as a package for other businesses, clubs, organizations or groups who would like to participate in a challenge.

If you fancy a great day out and a fun lighthearted challenge why not call us to discuss what sort of day we can arrange for you.
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Inter Bar Fish Off at Chalong Fishing Park