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A quiet day yesterday so not a great deal to show so I thought I should take the opportunity to offer a little advice and the first photograph kind of says it all really.

I have many years experience of fishing but if I went to a new venue, particularly in another country with different fish species, the first thing I would do would be to seek advice from locals and those “in the know” as no two places fish the same.

The guides and myself are here and fish every day so it goes without saying that we have the advantage over someone here for the first time. We are a venue for fun fishing and therefore we probably get more non-anglers than experienced anglers and that is why we are here to help. It is of course up to the individual but if you take our advice you will catch more fish.

We have had several customers recently who have ignored what we have told them and then asked why they are not catching as much as the guy opposite. The answer is simple, they have not listened to our advice and one example of this is when we fish for the predators more often than not we fish close to the water hyacinth beds just a meter or two out, we advise the customers of this but they seem hell-bent on casting as far as they can even though they have witnessed us and other customers catching fish close in. We appreciate that often there is a language barrier but vision is not affected by this.

FISH DO NOT FEED CONSTANTLY with many many factors affecting their behaviour and that is why we try to advise that a 3 hour package can be more challenging particularly at the hottest times of the day. If a customer catches say 20 fish in a ten hour session which is common, that does not necessarily mean that 6 fish will be caught in a 3 hour session. Fishing over a longer period with accurate casting and feeding will draw the fish to one spot (swim) and therefore result in more bites while inaccurate casting with little or no feeding is a lottery.

We genuinely want all our customers to catch as much as possible so please helps us to help you enjoy some “FUN FISHIN”!……….?????????