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Weekly Update 17th August 2019

Weekly Update 17th August 2019

Weekly Update 9th August 2019

MORNING WORLD….. our weekly update 17th August 2019.

A fairly busy week with plenty of fish caught by customers from all over the world. There is a small selection of them shown below in this weeks gallery.

The last few days the weather has been unsettled and sometimes this can affect the fishing, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worst, you never know what’s gonna happen……”FUN FISHIN!”

We had a slowish day on Friday but it did liven up later on for Adam who joined us for the second time this holiday. Thanks to various friends from Karon for recommending us to a lovely couple from Sweden Sara Bergstrom and her other half who joined us for a short session.

Geordie angler Peter Hogg spent the day with us this week and lost count of how many fish he caught. On the opposite bank Darren from Canada also had some action in a half-day session.

The Hardesty family, Andy, Emma, Ellie and Kasey from Leeds joined us for a 3-hour session during the week and then stayed most of the day. The girls done good. Dad didn’t do bad and once again praise from all customers for the guides who did a great job helping them all out and making it FUN FISHING!!.

Full moon time this week… does that mean the Mrs goes mad?… Nah, any moon phase does that. Does it mean the fish go mad ?…..maybe…..a lot coming out over the last couple of days which is good going considering the barometer is all over the place with the changeable weather.

Young Izzie from London had a great day fishing with her old man Lenny yesterday, plenty of fish and some good lumps in the mix for both of them.

Aussie angler Trevor had similar results on a half-day session and others were kept busy on short 3 hour sessions over the last couple of days for more “FUN FISHIN!”… ?????????????????

Bite Alarms

Sadly due to loss and damage, bite alarms will now be available from the bar at 100 baht for 2 with a deposit of 500 baht which will be refunded when the alarms are bought back in the same condition as they were issued.

Please note that all damages and losses due to misuse are chargeable.

Thanks for your understanding.

Finally, in this week’s report we are pleased to announce an addition to our team. Our latest team member, I’ve watched this young man grow up over the years, ….welcome “Jack”.

Weekly Update 17th August 2019

Some of the fish caught this week

Weekly Update 17th August 2019

Weekly Update 9th August 2019

Weekly Update 9th August 2019

Weekly Update 9th August 2019

MORNING WORLD….. our weekly update 9th August 2019.

We at Chalong Fishing Park are very happy to say that we are now back to a full team of staff with the return of “Tack” and also the arrival of “Maem’ who will be helping Jen out.

There has been plenty of fish gracing the nets over the last week, The Pacu are still on a feeding frenzy, we have a lot of small ones but some good-sized lumps are coming out as well. The Tiger Red Tails are also showing in more numbers – always a nice catch.

Londoners Spencer Tiddy and his son Sam joined us for a full the day. Spencer had a bucket list of Amazon Red Tail, Mekong Catfish and Arapaima. The first two on the list were easily achieved while Sam got amongst some nice Siamese Carp. The “Arry’s” just kept on coming up in front of them but unfortunately, that’s where they stayed. Lots of fish between them though and next time for the “Arry”!

Chinese angler Zhouqiao Wu joined us three time this week as well as other repeat customers, we must be doing something right!

We have noticed more fish are coming out later in the day at the moment – is it luck or is it the fact that over a period of time with accurate casting a swim gets built up? The latter I feel but you just never know when they’re gonna turn on….

It’s funny how different species will turn on for no apparent reason and for that matter turn off as well! The Chinese Big Head Carp are showing a lot more at the moment with our pal and Season Ticket holder Richard Velentine taking two yesterday (See the slider below) along with several other fish and other customers also getting on them.

The Mekong cats are still giving customers a work out as customers from England and Australia found out the other day with most of the other usual species playing ball at the moment and long may it last.

Tim and his young son Lucas have spent a couple of days with us this week. Lucas getting his first-ever fish and Dad pulling in some good-sized lumps. Lucas found a playmate on their second day as Aussie angler Zach bought his family down for the day which meant that Tim could fish on a little longer safe in the knowledge that his lad wasn’t getting bored. Another Aussie family joined us for a short afternoon session and with a little help from our guides, they got some nice fish and left with smiles on their faces. Too many names to mention but a mix of old and new customers.

Always good to see the kids enjoying themselves and a big shout out to our guides who always try to make sure the young ones get on the fish.

Busy for us but thoroughly enjoyable meeting some great people and some “FUN FISHIN!”…….???????????

Some of the fish caught this week

Weekly Update 9th August 2019