Customers Fishing on Saturday

Customers Fishing on Saturday

Customers Fishing on Saturday


After a very quiet week we did actually have some customers fishing on Saturday.
Canadian angler Paul has just returned to Phuket and he joined us for a morning session with close to 30 fish for his efforts.
Tony who runs “Nakitas” restaurant on Rawai beach bought the kids along in the afternoon. A decent sized Arapaima spat the hook but they were not deterred and went on to land lots of fish from several different species. Siamese carp, Big Head Carp, Amazon and Tiger Red tails, Pacu, Walking Catfish, Striped Catfish, Chao Phraya Catfish and Common Carp all graced the net, lots of screaming and giggling and the kids enjoyed it too !
Silly rates for these silly times, a fridge full of “cold ones” and terrific catch rates…….come and join u for some …..”FUNFISHIN!”…….🎣🐠🐟🎣🐟🐟😎

Customers Fishing on Saturday

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We have had a couple of people ask us if we are currently doing any deals and so the poster below should answer that question as we are basically offering our fishing at half price in an effort to tempt ex pats and remaining stranded tourists on the Island. All the usual things are included in the price and with very little pressure on the lake, very good catch rates are to be expected. We have removed our short 3 hour session as it would just not be worth doing and the half day package is great value anyway.
Please note that we do not offer hourly rates and the packages that we are offering do not even come close to meeting our running costs so please do not ask for further reductions.
We were also offering a half days fishing with 8 cold ones included a couple of days a week for just 1,000 baht (do the math) but we had no takers so we will have a re think.
Virtually all businesses here are struggling with the majority not even open and many perhaps closed for good. We are very aware that this is the same world over and this is not a cry for help, just putting it out there for you and the fish photos were all caught in the last week so why not come and catch some for yourselves and enjoy some “FUNFISHIN!”…..??????????

Chalong Fishing Park Species Header

Fishing From 8 AM – 6 PM (or part of)


  • 2 Rods, 1 Predator & 1 Non-Predator
  • 3 KG of Ground Bait provided, Chicken/Fish Baits, Pop Up Boilies etc.
  • Assistance From Guides.


Total for the above = 1,000 Baht (full day – over 5 hours) or 700 Baht (half day, up to 5 hours).


  • Customers are welcome to bring their own bait and additional “Luum” ground bait can be purchased at 300 Baht per 3 kilos.
  • Food Will Be Available from 10 am – 2 pm, with drinks available all day.
  • Current Regulations Must be Observed.
  • Ideally fishing should be pre-booked by contacting us by email, social media or calling 0811554336 (English) or 0939318395 (Thai).


Come and enjoy some “FUNFISHIN !”…..???????????



Customers Fishing on Saturday