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Mad busy the last few days…

When the Fish are biting
Mad busy the last few days and while the fishing has not been as good as it usually is there was still loads of fish caught and perhaps a little reminder that this is fishing and expectations are sometimes a little bit to high, its never the same as the day before and we can all be victims of our own success, no one blanked, it’s near impossible to do that here and there is always a chance of a proper lump, photos don’t lie. As ever its lovely welcoming back so many old customers many of whom have become good friends, too many to mention individually.
Close to a full house again today and we will wind things down before the fish and the staff get a very well-earned day off tomorrow, the book is filling up for the new year so if you want to be part of the action please get in touch first or better still book through our website.
Have a cracking night to see in the new year, we hope you all avagood’n and we look forward to seeing some of you again very soon for more……..”FUNFISHIN!”………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎

A very busy couple of days, fully booked again…

When the Fish are biting
A very busy couple of days, fully booked again and that is the case until after the new year.
The usual mixture of old and new faces from all over the world and some good friends in the mix. Siamese carp, Pacu, Striped Catfish, Amazon and Asian Red Tail Catfish along with other species keep customers busy. Perhaps not as productive as it can be which is not unusual for the time of year and at the end of the day that’s fishing for you, if it was the same every day there would be no challenge and unfortunately we can’t train them. The Arapaima were popping up all over the place and teasing the customers and while a couple is sure to have been hooked and lost we have not bought one to the pen for a few days now….is one due, I would say so but again you just never know. We get asked frequently what the best way is to catch one and the answer is always the same, just keep trying and maybe make a change or two to the presentation. We also frequently get asked how many we have and why we don’t have more of them. We will get more over time but these fish are very expensive and fragile. More outlay for more expensive fish will only mean we would have to charge more and we are keen to keep our fishing affordable for everyone, we still have people asking for discounts so I very much doubt if they would be happy to pay more. On a happy note, we can report that the first of our new batch of Mekong Catfish landed on Tuesday, they may take a little while to settle in and hope that this is the start of these brutes taking our offerings once again.
As mentioned above we have been very busy, fully booked until the new year and places then are filling up fast. Some don’t believe us when we say we are full but there is only so much room, so many staff and so much tackle so PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE COMING, BETTER STILL PRE-BOOK A FEW DAYS BEFORE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE FOR A GUARANTEED PLACE AND SOME………….”FUNFISHI!”…………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎

Back down to earth with a Boxing Day bump…

When the Fish are biting
Back down to earth with a Boxing Day bump and another fish filled busy day.
We welcomed several familiar faces back again along with some new ones and it felt like the United Nations here with customers from all over the world all getting amongst ’em. Great to see our pal Claude from Luxembourg back again, this time with his Grandson and the smiles on his face posing with a nice Chao Phraya Catfish kind of says it all.
Very busy again this morning with just a little space this afternoon, the next couple of days are nearly fully booked with dates after that filling fast so PLEASE DO CONTACT US BEFORE COMING OR BETTER STILL MAKE A BOOKING ONLINE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE, we hate turning people away so book your place and join us for more “FESTIVE FUNFISHIN!”…..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎

Another busy one with old and new faces…

When the Fish are biting
Another busy one with old and new faces from all over the world, all shapes and sizes and the fish varied too!
The Chao Phraya Catfish were well up for it and proper lump for our pal Chris, back yet again. The freshwater shark also played ball for other customers along with Siamese carp, Pacu, Striped Catfish, Amazon and Asian Catfish to keep everyone busy.
Yours truly was up before most people get home, getting some food prepared but more importantly moving presents around so that our little Jazzy has evidence that Santa has been. I’m not sure who is the more excited me or her, I’ve never really bothered much with Christmas as an adult (questionable !) but now the magic has returned and I can’t wait to see her little face when she wakes up which will probably be soon. A few friends are joining us here later this morning to get the Chrimo celebrations started, a few “cold ones” and some nibbles before heading to Walkabout Sports Bar and restaurant in Karon to meet up with more friends and enjoy what is probably the closest thing to a traditional Christmas lunchtime atmosphere you will find here, everyone welcome.
We are closed for fishing today and the celebrations won’t go on too late as we are back at it again tomorrow morning, nearly fully booked the rest of the week is filling up fast so please do contact us first but don’t expect much of a response today, no laptop and the phone will be restricted to calls with friends and family back home.

Another fish filled day…

When the Fish are biting
.Another fish-filled day with customers from England, Denmark, Scotland and the Netherlands. Once again a mixture of old and new faces and lots of fish caught but I’d be lying if I said it was non-stop for everyone good things come to those who wait with the afternoon producing more fish and everyone getting in on the action with Siamese Carp, Rohu, Amazon Red Tails, Asian Redials, Yellow Tail catfish, Striped Catfish and Pacu providing the action.
An Aussie dangler was booked in for a late afternoon surprise birthday session by his mate and while enjoying a few ‘cold ones” to celebrate things went up a notch as he did battle with a nice Arapaima and a perfect festive birthday photo.
It was nice to welcome our pal “Aussie Billy” back and he popped in to say hello, our pal Kirk has also recently returned so one thing led to another as others joined us around “The office table” for some pre-Christmas tipples…perfect!
Just a little space today with lots of bookings. We will be closed tomorrow and back at it again from 26th, things are looking like they will remain busy so please get in touch before coming or better still pre-book through our website.