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Another very busy weekend…

When the Fish are biting
Another very busy weekend, nice to welcome some new customers from all over the world and lovely to be reunited with some old customers and friends some of which we have not seen in 3 years.
Lots of fish all around the lake on Saturday, the Red Tails still not showing in numbers but they will be back and their absence is easily made up for by the Mekong Cats, Siamese Carp and Chao Phraya Cats. We never know where the Pacu will be and if they are on the feed in your swim you will know all about it. The Grass Carp and Rohu also keeping the catch rates going with the odd Big Head Carp making a show as well. Sunday was arguably a little slower going but still lots of fish caught including a nice little Arapaima for one of our customers.
There s no doubt that the weather has been unusual this year but we are now approaching the hottest time of the year which of course can slow things down a little particularly mid-day to mid-afternoon when the sun is at its most powerful. That said we never really know and they can just turn on at any time.
It’s a big Buddha Day today, a national holiday and a day of abstinence from alcohol with many bars closed and a booze ban until midnight tonight…..what will people do ????
There are a good few names in the book for today and perhaps a little space left, better availability after tomorrow but places filling fast. Fancy a piece of the action ??? Get in touch or better still book through our website for a guaranteed place and join us for some……….”FUNFISHIN!”……….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎