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When the Fish are biting
A busy Saturday and lots of fish caught with the usual mix of new and old faces from all over the world.
We were looking busy for Sunday and had told other potential customers that we did not have space for them but sadly more than half of those booked did not turn up with just one of them having the decency contacting to let us know all be it a little late in the day to do anything about it. They had all booked online and all paid deposits so all is not lost but we still dipped out on at least half of the days takings and more annoying is the fact that their actions stopped others for getting the chance to fish. The booking and deposit thing definitely worked with a lot less “no shows” and these days the ones that don’t come are usually people we know and have not enforced deposits. From now on that will stop and I have a feeling that payment in full in the near future will be the way to take bookings, just the same as any other tour or day trip booked here or just about anywhere else. One of yesterdays groups had booked a full day for 3 people, turned up at 2.30 pm with 2 people and expected to just pay for that….do these people think we don’t plan the days ???? and no we are not running a charity !
Anyway rant over and those that did fish yesterday had some great sport with Mekong Cats, Siamese Carp, Stripped Cats, Pacu, Grass Carp, Rohu and plenty of Amazon Red Tails that are showing a lot more once again.
We have a little space available this morning but the lake is booked out this afternoon as our little girl “Jazzy” is having her 5th Birthday party this afternoon and lots of her Aunties and Uncles who are coming prefer fishing to musical chairs. We are open for fishing as usual tomorrow but the kitchen will be closed from around mid day.
We will be open in the morning on 13th which is Songkran Day, the Thai New Year and the biggest water fight in the world. Again the kitchen will be closed. Open for fishing as usual from 14th but again due to staff holidays the kitchen will be closed or a very limited menu available until 20th when we hope to be back to normal AND DURING THESE TIMES CUSTOMERS ARE WELCOME TO ORDER FOOD FROM OUTSIDE. As we come towards the end of the high season availability is good so if you fancy a bend in the rod and few laughs get yourselves booked and join us for some…….”FUNFISHIN!”…………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎