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When the Fish are biting
A much quieter week with the torrential rains keeping people away. Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday were complete non starters as it rained heavily non stop. A little better Thursday when our pals Lau Kau and Anders joined us for the day and another friend Barry Gregory aka”Crusty” came along with his mate for the afternoon, 28 fish in just over 2 hours for them so they were kept busy. Our friend Dorothy was well into the fish in the afternoon before the rains returned once again.
The brave were well rewarded with Brit anglers Graham and Keith bagging up on Siamese Carp, Amazon and Asian Red Tails, Pacu and Striped Catfish on a half day afternoon session yesterday with a fly fisherman for the States also catching well on a short session.
The forecast is definitely getting better and while there is sure to still be a little more wet stuff around for over the next few day and weeks the monsoon is shifting and it won’t be long before we are all complaining that its too hot and we wish it would rain.
The Mrs and me are taking little Jazzy for a quick mini break before she goes back to school, this will be the first time we have gone anywhere overnight in 3 long years and while we do live in paradise it will be nice to get away for a day or two but don’t worry things will still be up and running as normal here you just won’t have to look at my ugly mug !
The lake is full and the fish are well up for it…..come and join us for some……..”FUNFISHIN!”…….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎