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When the Fish are biting
After a busier week than we have been used to for a long time the late monsoon rains have arrived in full force and understandably kept customers away yesterday.
Christoper from England spent the whole day with us and caught near non stop. There was a little sun and dry weather for some of the day and the rain did not put him off catching various species from the start and thanks to him for the review he left us.
Christopher Nigel
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Review left by Christopher Nigel
starstarstarstarstar 15 hours ago
Amazing place lost count on how many fish I had the staff very helpfull and food was amazing. Highly recommended
late in the day we were joined by 3 other “Brits” yep, we are used to rain over there, they joined us for the last couple of hours of the day and they also got well into the fish.
The forecast says that this storm is set to stay with us for a good few days. Not unusual for the time of year and the monsoon winds have shown signs of shifting which usually means better more settled weather is not far off. It’s not all bad news as the water levels in the lake are near to overflowing and thankfully we have something in place to prevent that. The whole place is a mass of green and you can virtually watch the grass and the trees growing ! Boat trips are probably unlikely for the next few days and I doubt that the beach or the pool will be that appealing but all is not lost as we have shelters all around the lake and the fishing is not affected, if anything it can be more comfortable when its a little cooler and your skin does not leak so if you’re stuck for something to do on rainy days then look no further. The restaurant is right next to the lake and the fridge is always full. The best fishing and best value that Phuket and a lot further has to offer so why not come and put a bend in your rod, you won’t be disappointed so give us a shout and join us for