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When the Fish are biting
After a fairly busy Monday sadly we did not see a single person on Tuesday, not unusual for the time of year and sometimes a blessing in disguise as it gives us a chance to catch up on the never ending list of jobs to do around the place….you can see the grass growing by the minute in the rainy season !
Things were looking a little better yesterday and we were joined for the morning by repeat Aussie angler Gavin who fished with us pre covid, nice to welcome him back and some good fish to keep him busy for the morning.
We were happy to have another 4 customers booked in for the morning but a phone call late on Monday night made a change to the plan and they opted to come for the afternoon. This was from a guy who lives here who has some friends over on holiday so I thanked him for letting us know the change of plan and said we would see them in the afternoon…..guess what, no show, no call and no response to a message I sent him. Four lots of tackle prepared and ready along with four lots of bait mixed/ prepared. These will be the same kind of people that expect us and similar businesses to be fully operational when the do decide to visit and this has happened all to often lately as we have not been taking deposits for bookings since the covid days. As things are still quiet we try to spread customers over days rather than pack them in and for that reason we had no other customers yesterday so unfortunately due to the actions of a small minority there will be no more Mr Nice guy and our pay pal booking system will be re introduced very soon with Qr codes available for Thai bank account transfers. Heavily discounted season ticket holders will also be required to pay in full when taking up the offer, yes there is still one that has an outstanding balance from last November !
My apologies if this reads like an angry rant, we pride ourselves on our laid back approach and like many other businesses here and across the world have struggled for nearly 3 years and are just about hanging in there, hoping for better times in imminent high season that we all hope happens this year. It’s just a shame that a few can ruin things for everyone else as the vast majority of customers honour their bookings rain, shine or hangover.
On a brighter note we do have a few bookings for this morning and availability is very good for this afternoon and the coming days so if a bend in the rod with very high catch rates is what you are after why not give us a go, I’m not always angry, honest I can be nice and I promise you some……..”FUNFISHIN!”…..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎