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When the Fish are biting
After resting the lake for a day on Wednesday the second half of the week continued to be very busy with customers of all ages and experience form all over the world including Australia, England, Ireland, Hungary, Italy, Russia, USA, Ukraine, Sweden and no doubt a couple of other places that I can’t remember or spell!
The Mekong Catfish are making their presence known more and more each day and while they may be bullying some of the other species making catch rates a little lower than we have been used to when they are up for it all of the usual suspects are being caught including plenty of Siamese Carp, Pacu, Grass Carp, Rohu, the odd Big Head Carp and Amazon Red Tail catfish when they are in the mood which more often than not is at the start and the end of the days.
Our pal Daniel Teuma has been a regular over the last few weeks and he managed to squeeze one last session in before heading back to Blighty, we wish him safe travels and look forward to seeing him again later in the year.
As is expected I have many customers ask me what the best time of the day is and the honest answer is that we never really know. Lately the afternoons seem to have fished a little better and unusually there has been some good action in the middle of the day but this can all change very quickly, when they are up for it you will know all about it and when they are not I will as I will see customers standing with their hands on their hips wondering if we have any fish, or sitting staring at their phones, those who know, know and that’s why its called fishing.
The weekend is with us and can sometimes be a little quieter (Friday night is Friday night even if you are on holiday and every night is Friday night !) so there is a small amount of availability for today, tomorrow and into next week but places filling fast so if you fancy a bend in the rod get yourselves booked in and join us for some………”FUNFISHIN!”………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎