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When the Fish are biting
Another weekend over and a nice crowd joined us across the two days with new and repeat customers from England, Kazakhstan, Romania, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Finland and the Czech Republic.
We have seen posts from some other honest fisheries that the fishing has been slower than usual and we are no exception with cooler temperatures and not as much sun as usual keeping the catch rates lower, particularly in the mornings. Many people ask me what is the best time of the day to fish and the only honest answer is if you want to be here for the best part of the day is to be here all day. Normally we would advise that early and late can be very productive and the middle of the day should be avoided for short sessions as it is the hottest part of the day but as is so often the case here logic does not always apply and right now its the middle of the day when the fish seem to turn on. Yesterday was very slow in the morning with some customers struggling but things really did pick up as the day went on and plenty of nice fish were caught. The Chao Phraya Catfish have been feeding well, we don’t have so many of these so no one is going to bag up with them but you know all about it when you get one. Siamese carp showed well later in the day and the Amazon Red Tails turned back on again along with Pacu and Asian Red Tails showing that a little patience is the name of the game and all experienced anglers are very aware of that….good things come to those who wait. Fingers crossed that we get a little more sun and the water temperature goes up a notch which is sure to see the fish more active and back on the feed.
Bookings are still coming in and due to so many “no-shows” we now only take bookings for full and half days with deposits. This can be done on www.chalongfishingpark.com, in person or via Thai bank transfers and at least 24 hours’ notice is advised. We continue to welcome walk-in customers but strongly advise people to contact us before coming to check availability, get your place booked and join us for some……”FUNFISHIN!”……🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎