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When the Fish are biting
As the low season kicks in we have a mixture of busy and very quiet days with May being one of the slowest months of the year in Phuket.
We are closed Sundays from May – October but as we already had one booking and some willing staff we did open and also got a couple more walk-in customers who all caught well but from now on Sundays’ will be closed other than by special arrangement.
We had a busy day Monday and it’s always nice to see old faces return. Giles was back with his Brother and a couple of mates and they squeezed in a last morning session having already fished other venues. Plenty of fish for them and a few “cold ones” was a good way to end their holidays.
Our pal Aaron got in touch to book his Aussie mate Robbie in for the day with a couple more for the afternoon. Lots of fish for them all and the same went for other customers from Russia and Germany.
My old apprentice (Harry Lowe) back in the UK has joined us a couple of times along with his better half and his mate. Harry is my mate Phil’s nephew and it was great to see him after all these years and also to witness him catching his first fish, well-done fella.
Tuesday was very quiet with just one customer for a full day. Sam had the place to himself and get well amongst the fish. We did have a call from another couple of guys inquiring about a short 2.5-hour afternoon session. They were arranging transport and on their way when I got a call from a certain transport provider asking if we pay commission which is something that we don’t do. No doubt the transport provider went on to tell the guys that it’s no good here and he could take them somewhere else where he would get a cut….low season greed kicking in. It baffles me how someone who has chosen a certain career can decide that he is now a tour agent and entitled to commission from a booking that’s already been made. The customers would have ended up paying more money for a less enjoyable experience so take heed people.
The Mekong Catfish, Siamese Carp, Pacu, Striped catfish and Red Tails continue to feed well along with several other species making the numbers up so during the quieter months there really is no better time to bag up so if you’re stuck for things to do on a cloudy day, hook up with us and join us for some……..”FUNFISHIN!”…………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎