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When the Fish are biting
As we have been so busy of late we made the decision to close the lake on Wednesday to give it a little rest.
I asked our pal Dan if he fancied doing a little experimental fishing with me, trying different tactics and baits that could possibly add another string to the bow for some of our customers. Dan made a paste out of Fish Scale bait additive, a couple of eggs and a little luum and I dug out a bag or two of Dynamite pellets that friends had bought over from the UK. We both fished lighter tackle than we normally supply, waggler rods that have been beefed up with 20lb mono. Dan was into fish from the start, Pacu and Striped Catfish first falling to his offerings before the Siamese Carp, Walking Catfish and Amazon Red Tail Catfish moved in. Between replying to emails and other inquiries yours truly fished pellet waggler up in the water, trying between laptop activity to get a rhythm going with the catapult and feeding regularly for literally a fish a chuck, Pacu and striped Catfish and I’m sure if I had been able to keep going that the Carp and other species would have soon risen to the baits. Watch our Robert Porter, your lake record of 125 fish in one day is there for the taking with these methods and a batch of very high-quality pellets have been ordered and will be here soon. Unfortunately this style of fishing may not be available to all as many of our customers have limited experience and the lighter set ups would become a box of kindling very quickly but it may be an option for the experienced anglers.
Busy again on both Thursday and Friday with customers from England, Australia, Russia, Malaysia, Japan and Kazakhstan, once again the strange weather of late playing its part and at times the fishing was tougher than usual. Any angler knows that this is completely normal and no water anywhere will fish its nuts off all of the time. Still plenty of good fish caught and two hooked and lost Arapaima from adjacent swims kept everyone on their toes, just a shame that some people are selfish with no regard for others and were reluctant to bring their lines in while a fellow fisherman does battle with the biggest fish in the lake… outcome lots of cut lines to free the beast.
Bookings are still coming in thick and fast and in spite of our best efforts to advise people to book with at least 24 hours notice they still continue to show up expecting a place, saying that they can squeeze between others as its their last day……not going to happen, when we are full we are full and even if it appears that there is space our decision is final and we have to be fair to the customers already here so it’s very simple, please take a little time to read the advise on our website and just about every social media site you can think of, it’s there for your benefit, get in touch or better still book through the website, secure your place and join us for some…………..”FUNFISHIN!”…….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎