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When the Fish are biting
Belarus, Russia, Sweden and England all represented yesterday and all of them catching very well with lots of fish from several species.
What better way to celebrate your 60th birthday than catch loads of fish with a few “cold ones” in the mix and that’s exactly what repeat customer Shaun Vincent did for the afternoon, a happy birthday to him and he’s back for more on Saturday.
Shaun was joined on the bungalow bank by fellow Brit and another repeat customer, Steven who was back for the third time on this holiday. He likes to also fish other venues near by and also further away in other parts of Thailand so we are well chuffed that he chooses to visit our little place that little bit more than the others, top fella and we wish him tight lines up in Udon Thani over the next few days.
Things are really starting to get busier here in Phuket and the same goes for us so once again we ask customers to please contact us prior to coming, we hate to turn people away if we are full and they have paid to get a taxi here. On the same note please be aware that if you have booked for the day we may well have told others that we don’t have room for them so even if you decide to cut your day short because you have caught so many fish in the morning you will still be charged for the full day……yes there are a few that try this. Likewise if you decide that you want to extend a half day morning session it may not always be possible as we may have taken another booking for the afternoon, we will always do what we can to help but if we are full booked our hands are tied.
The moon is full which can so often result in even better fishing, there is some availability each day but as above we are getting busier so give us a shout, book your place and join us for some……..”FUNFISHIN!”………..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎