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The first half of the week produced plenty of fish…

When the Fish are biting
The first half of the week produced plenty of fish for our customers. The Siamese Carp and Mekong Cats continue to feed well with more Red Tails showing by the day and plenty of other species keeping our anglers busy.
Not unexpectedly things have quietened down a little but are sure to pick up again soon all be it for a limited time with the Easter holidays and Songkran (Thai New Year) coming up in a matter of days and the word is that this coming low season is expected to be busier than normal so please do try to pre-book giving as much notice as possible. Availability is good and we still welcome walk in customers but when we are full we are full so do yourselves a favour and get in touch before coming.
For once my prediction of a quiet couple of days was correct so Jen, Jazzy and myself disappeared for a mini break in the jungle of Khao Sok and a night on Chew Lan Lake, stunningly beautiful and rammed full of fish which with the correct licences can be fished for and our pal Neil Robinson from fishing-Khao Lak can arrange trips. I don’t know loads about the fishing there but I’m told that its good for Snakehead and I saw plenty of evidence of lots of fish so the next time I go there (and there will be a next time) could well be via Neil for some of that jungle fishing.
A big thank you to our staff, “Boy”, “Keow”, “Fem”, “Gon”, “Phiew” and “Faa” (all probably spelt wrong but hey ho) for taking care of the place and the customers in our absence, it was very short and sweet but nice to have a change of scene and to be fair the scenery there don’t get much better, looking forward to another break some time in the low season if we can and in the meantime its back to business, planning improvements during the quieter coming months and keeping on top of things so you lovely people can enjoy yet more……….”FUNFISHIN!”……….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎

A busy second half of the week and once again…

When the Fish are biting
A busy second half of the week and once again new and repeat customers from all over the world. The middle of the week fished really well with loads of fish falling for the baits, the Siamese carp, Striped catfish and Mekong Catfish being the main players, the Pacu showing a little more again and the Amazon and Asian red Tails gradually coming back on the feed with Grass carp and Big head Carp also making the numbers up. We have not bought an Arapaima to the pen for a few days now so we must be due one very soon….it could be you!
Our friend and number one lady angler Dorothy had a cracking session on Thursday afternoon and a very nice Chao Phraya Catfish gave her a real work out. Yesterday was slightly slower for some while others bagged up and it really is just luck of the draw, even on a small water like ours the fish will move around and where one swim will produce lots of fish one day it could be the opposite side the next day. The same goes for the time of day, sometimes its the mornings that produce but the next day it can be the afternoon that fishes better, we just never know.
Geoff and Steve from England joined us for the third time in a week yesterday and did a good job of emptying our lake and the fridge! I think they may like it here as they are back again today and are already talking about booking up a weeks fishing next year.
Just a little space later today, more availability tomorrow, a little space Monday and ok after that.
I’m gonna pack a bag ready for a little jungle adventure and if you fancy a bend in the rod then look no further and join us for some……….”FUNFISHIN!”………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎

EVENING ALL………..The first half of the week…

When the Fish are biting
The first half of the week continued to remain busy and lovely to welcome back several old friends and customers that we have not seen for a long time, many new faces and several new faces that have come back a second or third time in one holiday…..we must be doing something right.
Plenty of fish from several different species with Tuesday and today being particularly lively a good example of how fishing is never the same from one day to another, sometimes they are bang up for it and other days they are harder to find, that’s fishing, that’s why we like it and that’s why its called fishing.
The Mekong Cats are still well on the feed with a few nice chunky Chao Phraya Cats also showing, the elusive Arapaima have been hooked and lost a few times so we must be due one very soon. The Siamese Carp are still showing well along with other smaller species and the Pacu and Red Tails seem to be getting a little more active once again having been a little shy of late.
What will tomorrow bring ???? we just don’t know, there are still a few places available and good availability from Friday onwards but places fill fast so get yourselves booked on and join us for some ……….”FUNFISHIN!”………..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎

The second part of the week was just as busy…

When the Fish are biting
The second part of the week was just as busy as the first with lots of customers from literally all over the world including Australia, England, France, Austria, Germany, Russia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Italy, South Africa, Malaysia, no doubt one or two more that have slipped my mind and once again a nice mix of mainly nice people both repeat and new customers.
The mercury is rising as we enter the hottest time of the year and there is no denying that can have an effect on the fishing skas advised on our website and social media please try to make the most of the early and late times and short sessions lunchtime and early afternoon are less likely to produce as many fish. That said, we don’t always get it right; there are days when they turn on when we least expect it. There are good days, tough days and red letter days which Hanes from South Africa experienced yesterday as he joined us to celebrate his birthday along with his wife and Son. Hanes ‘bagged up” nicely through most of the day with some nice-sized lumps in the mix including Siamese Carp and the Mekong Catfish that continue to feed well. Other anglers also had much of the same, a few Red Tail Cats showing again now, plenty of smaller Striped Catfish, Grass Carp and of course the Pacu if they shoal in your swim, Arapaima if you are lucky to hook and keep hold of one and Chao Phraya Catfish for that workout.
We are still getting lots of bookings and while things are slowing down just a little we still strongly advise giving as much notice as possible, ideally booking online or in person, paying a deposit and having a guaranteed place. It’s easy, far more rewarding than being turned away because we are full so if you want a bend in the rod, look no further and join us for some……”FUNFISHIN!”…………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎

I remember the days…

When the Fish are biting
I remember the days when you went fishing, and all you needed was a Rod, brolly, tackle box, keep net and landing net, with Worms, Maggots, and Bread, with the Bag of ground bait. And you enjoyed the day even if it was fishless, and all it cost was a couple of quid; nowadays, you need a bank loan to go for a couple of hours, two-ton of Ground bait, a Buckit of worms, and one of Maggots, also at least 1/4 tonne of super duper Boilies & mixed feed but this must be made by someone like Gandolf with his magic powers and cost an arm and a leg Lol.
Is it because anglers have fallen for the persuading charms of the manufacturers who convince them that they’re not proper anglers unless they pay for all the new fancy, unnecessary gobins they throw out every week or so? Well, each to their own; at the very least, it keeps someone in work, mostly abroad and not in the Uk
If you don’t think this happens, could you answer me this?” How Many Anglers Go Into a Tackle Shop and Just Buy what they went in for ???” Never Happens Lol😆😆😆😆😆😆

Another very busy weekend…

When the Fish are biting
Another very busy weekend, nice to welcome some new customers from all over the world and lovely to be reunited with some old customers and friends some of which we have not seen in 3 years.
Lots of fish all around the lake on Saturday, the Red Tails still not showing in numbers but they will be back and their absence is easily made up for by the Mekong Cats, Siamese Carp and Chao Phraya Cats. We never know where the Pacu will be and if they are on the feed in your swim you will know all about it. The Grass Carp and Rohu also keeping the catch rates going with the odd Big Head Carp making a show as well. Sunday was arguably a little slower going but still lots of fish caught including a nice little Arapaima for one of our customers.
There s no doubt that the weather has been unusual this year but we are now approaching the hottest time of the year which of course can slow things down a little particularly mid-day to mid-afternoon when the sun is at its most powerful. That said we never really know and they can just turn on at any time.
It’s a big Buddha Day today, a national holiday and a day of abstinence from alcohol with many bars closed and a booze ban until midnight tonight…..what will people do ????
There are a good few names in the book for today and perhaps a little space left, better availability after tomorrow but places filling fast. Fancy a piece of the action ??? Get in touch or better still book through our website for a guaranteed place and join us for some……….”FUNFISHIN!”……….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎