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We Are Now Fishing at Chalong Fishing Park

Sunrise at Chalong Fishing Park

We Are Now Fishing at Chalong Fishing Park

We Are Now Fishing at Chalong Fishing Park – Chalong Fishing Park has now been open for five weeks and there has been a steady flow of fish being caught, by a steady flow of visitors.  Although we have had some problems retaining water the fish showing have certainly grown since being placed in the lake a couple of months ago, proving the waters are healthy.  Over a period of time we can look forward to some substantial growth and BIG fish.

The Fish

We Are Now Fishing at Chalong Fishing Park - Brothers Tim & John bring two Mekong Catfish within seconds of each otherWith quite a few fish over 20kg and many between 15 & 20kgs there have been some good fights for those fishing.  One afternoon we had brothers John and Tim McGarvey and although they had a bit of a slow start things did pick up nicely.  They got into the fish and even managed a double hooker with a couple of nice hard fighting Giant Mekong Catfish gracing the nets within seconds of each other.

New Family Arrivals

Since just before we opened our Chalong Fishing Park family has grown.  Firstly a couple of Muscovy ducks arrived and adopted us.  There is a picture in the gallery of them making themselves at home. Then one day we had an unexpected guest in the bar when a frog literally inserted himself into the bamboo bar. Again see the picture below.  Lastly we have secured a couple of pooches to look after our guests, Dum & Towe. Both dogs have an easy nature and enjoy being petted.

Our Fishermen

At Chalong Fishing Park are pleased to say we have had a multitude of International visitors since we opened.  We’ve also had the pleasure of welcoming children and ladies fishing.  The pictures below are only representative of all those taken since we opened.  More, including some video clips, can be found on our Facebook Page, please have a look, like the page and follow our day to day postings there.

What’s here

Please also come down and pay us a visit.  The swimming pool is a popular attraction, especially with the children.  The Lakeside Restaurant and Bar are increasingly popular, not just with those fishing but others who just want a drink and something to eat.  The Menu is shown on our website, have a look we have tried to make our prices competitive.