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Dave “No Fish” Allen at Chalong Fishing Park

Dave "No Fish" Allen at Chalong Fishing Park

MORNING WORLD….. Dave “No Fish” Allen at Chalong Fishing Park

MORNING WORLD…..Two of our season ticket holders have fished with us over the last couple of days, both catching plenty of fish. Dave “no fish” Allen joined us on Tuesday morning and did not live up to his name with around 20 fish for his session.

Brian joined us yesterday on a slightly more challenging day with heavy rain all through the night and well into the morning, still loads of fish but the bites a little less positive. While the Mekong cats and the Siamese Carp still remain scarce, the other fish are feeding for fun and high catch rates are the norm.

Very few customers, lots of fish, discounted rates and a fridge full of cold ones, what more could you want, get involved and enjoy some “FUNFISHIN!”……?????????????

Dave No Fish Allen at Chalong Fishing Park

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From May 3rd Fishing From 8 AM – 6 PM (or part of)

  • 2 Rods, 1 Predator & 1 Non-Predator
  • 3 KG of Ground Bait provided, Chicken/Fish Baits, Pop Up Boilies etc.
  • Assistance From Guides.

Total for the above = 1,200 Baht (normal 3 hour rate) No Concessions.

  • Customers are welcome to bring their own bait and additional ground bait can be purchased at 300 Baht per 3 kilos.
  • Food Will Be Available from 10 am – 2 pm.
  • Alcohol Restrictions Must be Observed.
  • Face Masks and Social Distancing Must Be Observed.
  • Fishing should be pre-booked as we will have to cap numbers.

Please see above a package that we have put together for ex-pats and people that may be stranded here as we are told we can re-open on the 3rd May so if you have been banging your head against the wall we may have the solution.

We have limited staff so numbers will be capped and this will also ensure that we will conform to government requirements.

Come and get ’em….”FUNFISHIN !”…..???????????

Dave “No Fish” Allen at Chalong Fishing Park