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When the Fish are biting
Firstly a very happy birthday to our number 1 fishing guide and friend “BOY”, no doubt we will have a “cold one” later with him.
As is the norm for this time of year late April always sees a mass exodus, a bit of a shock to the system after several months of being very busy and things are very quiet here at the moment. The weather remains very hot and while the Skys have threatened a few times we still wait with bated breath for the first monsoon rains. The hot weather has definitely slowed the fishing down on some days but on other days they have been jumping out for fun. Yesterday was one of those days with our friend Dorothy bringing her Sister Beryl along for the afternoon. Dorothy was into Siamese carp, Red Tails, Mekong and Chao Phraya Cats from the start with 15 fish for the afternoon and Beryl who has not fished for 60 years landed 7 fish in just a couple of hours. Our pal Jimmy fished in the next swim with his daughter Lauren who was fishing for the first time ever and they had similar results. A couple of days prior our Aussie mate Luke came along with the family and they had a busy morning, great to see some Dad’n Lad, Dad ‘n Daughter and two Sisters fishing together. We also had the pleasure of seeing our pal Jonny and the Swedish gang on a short break for Khao Lak, a little tougher for them but they made the most of the quieter times between fish to empty our fridge.
Season ticket holder and good friend Tim continues to master the fly rod with a nice Siamese carp for his patience and persistence. We said farewell to our pal Dereck who has returned to the UK for the summer, he had a great final afternoon session and will be back before we know it.
As things are a lot quieter now WE WILL BE CLOSED ON SUNDAYS FROM NOW UNTIL OCTOBER. Time for the never-ending list of jobs to be tackled and the quieter times can mean the perfect opportunity to “bag up” so make the most of it and join us for some……..”FUNFISHIN!”……..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎