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Chalong Fishing Park
The home of Fun Freshwater Catch & Release Fishing in Phuket
Open 8 am until 6 pm (or part of) Tuesday to Sunday

We are a family-run business, and we like to treat our guests as family visitors rather than just clients. To help us make your visit as enjoyable as possible and welcome you as a visitor to our family please let us know when to expect you. This will avoid disappointment if we are fully booked. Either send us a message on Facebook, WhatsApp, telephone us or even an email so we know when you will arrive and how you will get to the Park, or if you need any help.

Your hosts

Jex, Jen & Jazz and a few pets 

Our team & your guides

Fred, Mary etc….


Catch rates have been high lately and we are finding that customers are going through a lot of “Luum” (ground bait). It goes without saying that the harder you fish and the more fish you catch, the more bait you will use and so we have made some changes to the amount of bait that we supply free of charge and also the amount we charge for additional bait. We will still continue to supply boilie and pop-up hook baits for the non-predators and a fair amount of chicken/fish baits for the predators. A set amount of “Luum” (ground bait) will also be included in the initial fishing price with additional baits available at very reasonable costs as shown in the information sheet attached. Customers are also welcome to bring their own baits and bread can be used to “bulk up” the ground bait.

Our aim has always been to supply good fishing at affordable rates and we have slashed our rates over the last year. Those who follow our posts or have fished here before will see that the changes made are beneficial to the customer and thanks for your understanding.

The fish have had a day off so they are sure to be hungry, we’re back at it today so why not join us for some ….”FUNFISHIN!”…..🐠🐟🎣🐠🐟🎣🐠🐟🎣😎

Featuring catfish, carp & many more species. We are constantly trying to improve our service. Things are good, the water is clearing and the fish are growing at an amazing rate. We are pleased to say we now have fish up to 60 kg in weight. Our freshwater fishing stock includes; Giant Mekong Catfish, Giant Siamese Carp, Chao Phraya Catfish, Striped Catfish, Asian Red Tail Catfish, Alligator Gar, and Amazon Redtail Catfish and many more.

Fish’n Tips

Tips to make your experience enjoyable (and everyone else’s)!

We are all here to help you catch fish, as their title suggests, our highly experienced guides are here to ‘guide’. Please listen to their advice. They know the water & the fish.

Accurate casting & patience are the key factors in any fishing.

Constantly winding a newly baited rig just means that the fish have not had time to get to the bait.

Holding the rod in your hand will move the bait and spook the fish.

Over tightening the clutch on the reel will result in fish being lost.

Casting into other people’s areas because you have seen them just catch a fish will upset everyone.

We advise, if you want to fish a short (2.5 hour) session please remember that fish do not feed constantly anywhere in the world and that the hottest part of the day may be more challenging.


Don’t be the one

Tight lines everyone!

Our Guests in Action

An unexpected fairly busy day with customers from England, Australia, Germany and France

An unexpected fairly busy day with customers from England, Australia, Germany and France, nice to see some old familiar faces along with some new ones. Everyone involved were into the fish with the Siamese Carp continuing to feed well along with Striped catfish, Chao...

After a quiet week we were grateful for a fairly busy Saturday.

Chris and the boys had only just arrived from Down Under after what must be at least a 3 year absence so some "Dad'nLad" sport was on the cards, they all got amongst the fish and great to see them again. A mixture of customers from all over on different sessions kept...

Lots of good fish caught and a couple of belters lost

Another fairly quiet one but lots of good fish caught and a couple of belters lost. Canadian anglers now living in Australia Lisa Edwards and her other half joined us for the morning. Lots of action from the start with several species of different species, shapes and...

A bit of a break in the weather

A bit of a break in the weather meant a few more customers from different parts of the globe fishing various packages and all getting well among the fish. Once again plenty of Siamese Carp, Amazon and Asian Red Tail Catfish, Pacu, Striped catfish and Chao Phraya...

Education is important, but fishing is more importanter!

Some very heavy rain over the last couple of days, great for our levels and making everywhere look so lush but not so good for business although there is cover all around the lake. The rains did ease a little in the afternoon and those that were brave enough got...

A very wet and grey day but once again the proof is in the pudding….the fish really don’t care.

A very wet and grey day but once again the proof is in the pudding....the fish really don't care. Nice to see the return of Jemma and her family. This lady can fish and was a regular visitor this time last year when the Phuket sandbox first opened. She along with the...

When the fish are biting nothing else matters!

A quiet Saturday with the weather at this time of year working against us, when its raining they don't want to get wet and when its sunny they run for the beach or the pool and who could blame them ? That said the rain does not deter the fish and sometimes its more...

England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Russia

England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and RussiaMORNING WORLD.....   England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and Russia all represented yesterday.   Nice to see Gordon back again and when a big Scotsman complains of aching arms you know he's had a good day....

Fairly Busy Again

Fairly Busy AgainMORNING WORLD.....   Fairly busy again and a bit of a shock to the system having some customers, long may it last!   I've been friends with Mick and Sandra for many years over here, diving and frquenting the same watering holes in Karon,...

One New Face Yesterday

One New Face YesterdayMORNING WORLD.....   One new face yesterday with the others being repeat customers and very nice to see them all it was too.   A family from Malaysia returned after a 3 year absence. The last time was all about Dad fishing but now the...

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