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When the Fish are biting
I remember the days when you went fishing, and all you needed was a Rod, brolly, tackle box, keep net and landing net, with Worms, Maggots, and Bread, with the Bag of ground bait. And you enjoyed the day even if it was fishless, and all it cost was a couple of quid; nowadays, you need a bank loan to go for a couple of hours, two-ton of Ground bait, a Buckit of worms, and one of Maggots, also at least 1/4 tonne of super duper Boilies & mixed feed but this must be made by someone like Gandolf with his magic powers and cost an arm and a leg Lol.
Is it because anglers have fallen for the persuading charms of the manufacturers who convince them that they’re not proper anglers unless they pay for all the new fancy, unnecessary gobins they throw out every week or so? Well, each to their own; at the very least, it keeps someone in work, mostly abroad and not in the Uk
If you don’t think this happens, could you answer me this?” How Many Anglers Go Into a Tackle Shop and Just Buy what they went in for ???” Never Happens Lol😆😆😆😆😆😆