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When the Fish are biting
It was nice to welcome back Lyndal and her Aussie gang for some morning fishing. We have not seen her for near 3 years so really good to hear from her again a few days ago when she booked a short session for 11 anglers. This many people in one group of varying experience and ages is always a challenge but they all got amongst the fish with everyone catching in just 2 1/2 hours and lots of smiling faces afterwards, thanks guys great to see you all again.
The afternoon saw the return of our old pal Chris who used to live in Patong. He is over from Cambodia and this was his second session here in around a week with near non stop action throughout the afternoon and we look forward to seeing him again soon we hope.
Tom from the UK contacted us and also joined us for the afternoon along with his Dad Mike in charge of taking photos. Tom has fished other venues in Thailand but said he had never caught Red Tail Catfish or Siamese Carp. I stuck my neck out and told him that he would today and thankfully the fish obliged with an Amazon Red Tail catfish within a couple of minutes of his first cast followed soon after with a Siamese carp and many more to follow as well as a nice Arapaima that decided he did not want to get in the pen at the last minute. One very happy chap left saying that he had just had the best day’s fishing of his life, just what we want to hear.
As day turned to night we were joined by some friends for a “sundowner” or two. What was a fairly busy and positive day was somewhat marred when yet another staff member told us that he was leaving with all of one days notice. By far the most challenging thing that we have to deal with is the staff, just when you think you are building a good team one of them will drop the bombshell and with the high season looming we now have to start again. We don’t ask for much….ability to get up in the morning, turn up on work days, tell the truth when your lips are moving, try to stay awake during the working day, try not to be fixated by your phone screen and , oh yes look after the customers, enjoy working in a fun outdoor environment, get the benefits of a good salary and lots of tips…..anyone out there ???? If your profile matches that of the last photo attached please ignore this….we don’t need staff that think they are getting paid to watch movies or sit sleeping right next to customers, yes this photos was sent to me by a customer…….you really could not make it up !
There we go, rant over, back trying to remain positive and put our business back where it should be, the fishing here is superb with high catch rates and many different species of all shapes and sizes…..fancy some of that ? give us a shout and join us for some……..”FUNFISHIN!”……..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎