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When the Fish are biting
It continued to be busy over the last two or three days with customers from England, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Austria, Finland, Russia, Australia, the USA and more.
The photos don’t lie and lots of fish were caught but I won’t pretend that the fishing has been as good as it can be of late, strange weather, time of year, too much sun, not enough sun, not enough rain….who knows, it’s fishing and if there was no challenge it would be pretty boring.
Yesterday was just one of those days when things seemed to go wrong from the start, two “no shows” (my fault as I’d booked the wrong day) and another two who had sent a booking form from our website, did not continue to pay the invoice, thought that filling the form in was enough, did not reply to emails and did not show in spite of them sending me emails that I replied to, you gotta love these people. An older gent from a Middle Eastern country turned up with his hand line and insisted that this is how he wanted to fish as that is what he does in his country, he was told that he could not fish this way here and he should get on a long tail boat at sea where this style of fishing is done so another drop out leaving a place we could have given to one of the many walk-in customers we still get. For someone to “blank” here is a very rare thing indeed so when a customer who had booked for the morning came to me towards the end of his session saying that he and his lad had not had a bite I thought it strange. He then went on to say the guide he had was no good and did not help, something that other anglers fishing nearby said was not true. They had booked online and paid a deposit so at the end of the session there was a balance remaining, he went on to tell me that he had already paid everything even though I could show him the details on the laptop. It turns out he had come here with no money or other means of payment, sour grapes I think…. The irony is that Simon from Italy who has fished a few times over the last couple of weeks fished from the same peg in the afternoon, and landed several fish including a lump of an Arapaima….he did pay! It’s a shame that people don’t seem to read anything anymore, we have all the relevant information out there and even with different languages, it’s all pretty straightforward.
On the positive side, everyone else had lots of fish and gave us lots of positive and supportive comments. Once again good to see the return of some old faces and welcome new ones and good to see several species caught, Siamese Carp, Big Head Carp, Amazon Red Tail, Giant Gourami, Striped Catfish, Mekong Catfish, Chao Phraya Catfish, Pacu, Walking Catfish and Arapaima all being caught.
We’ll never keep ’em all happy but we do try so if you fancy putting a bend in the rod get in touch and book your place, no hand lines please and yes we would like to be paid, have a go at some………”FUNFISHIN!……🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎