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Lakeside Restaurant Menu

at Chalong Fishing Park


Kitchen Open 9:00am till 4:00pm

Breakfast - Served All Day


Full English

2 bacon, 2 eggs, sausage, mushrooms, tomato, baked beans, fried bread, hash brown, toast, fruit juice and tea or coffee
THB 280

Little Britain

1 bacon, 1 egg, 1 sausage, baked beans, 1 hash brown, 1 toast,
THB 180
3.Baked Beans on 2 toastTHB 140
4.Fried, Poached or Scrambled Eggs on 2 toastTHB 140
5.1 Bacon & 1 Egg Roll or SandwichTHB 140
6.2 Bacon Roll or SandwichTHB 140
7.Sausage in a Roll or Sandwich THB 140
8.Toast (2) with butter and jam or marmalade THB 50

Main Meals, Snacks & Sandwiches

9.Steak & Ale Pie - with chips & baked beans or garden peas and gravy
THB 280
10.Chicken & Mushroom Pie - with chips & baked beans or garden peas and gravyTHB 280
11.Cheese burger and chipsTHB 250
12.Chicken burger and chipsTHB 250
13. Tandoori chicken wrap with fried onions or salad
THB 180
14.Sausages with chips and baked beans or garden peas and onion gravyTHB 250
15.Fish Finger Sandwich with a small side of chipsTHB 160
16.Hot Dog and Chips
THB 180
17.Deep fried chicken wings (6) with sweet chilli sauceTHB 120
18.Ham and cheese toastie with a small side of chipsTHB 160
19.Bowl of ChipsTHB 100
20.Club sandwich with a small side of chipsTHB 180
21.Spring rolls (3) with sweet chilli sauce THB 100
22.Chicken Satay with peanut sauceTHB 180

Kids Menu

23.Chicken nuggets, chips and baked beans or garden peasTHB 160
24.Sausage, chips and baked beans or garden peasTHB 160
25.Fish fingers chips and baked beans or garden peasTHB 160

Thai Dishes – served all day

26.Thai omlette with prawn or pork (not spicy)THB 120
27.Pad Thai- chicken, beef, pork or seafood (not spicy)THB 150
28.Phad Kaproa (Holy basil) chicken, beef or pork with fried egg (spicy)THB 150
29.Massaman Curry – chicken or beef (not spicy)THB 150
30.Green Curry – chicken, beef or pork (spicy)THB 150
31.Penang curry – chicken, beef or pork (spicy)THB 150
32. Beef with black pepper (not spicy)THB 150
33.Beef with oyster sauce (not spicy)THB 150
34.Chicken and cashew nut (not spicy)THB 150
35.Som Tum (papaya salad) (spicy)THB 80
36.Tom Yum Goong (spicy soup with prawns) (spicy)THB 150
37.Tom Ka Kai (soup with chicken & coconut) (not spicy)THB 150
38.Stir fried mixed vegetables with soy/oyster sauce (not spicy)THB 120
39.Fried rice with chicken or beef or pork or seafood (not spicy)THB 120/130
40.Boiled RiceTHB 30


TeaTHB 50
CoffeeTHB 60
Iced CoffeeTHB 80
Fruit Juice
orange or pineapple
THB 80
CokeTHB 50
FantaTHB 50
SpriteTHB 50
Lemon SodaTHB 50
Red BullTHB 50
Soda WaterTHB 50
WaterTHB 20


Chang - bottleTHB 80
Singha - bottleTHB 80
Tiger - bottleTHB 80
Leo - bottleTHB 80
San Miguel Light - bottleTHB 90


THB 160


Bacardi BreezersTHB 160


THB 120

Kitchen Open 9:00am till 3:00pm

All our dishes are cooked to order so please allow a little time. By all means pre-order your food and we will you to let you know it is ready in the restaurant or we will bring it to your fishing sala…………ENJOY
All our prices are inclusive of relevant Government Taxes including VAT

Thai - +66 (0)93 931 8395

English +66 (0)81 155 4336