MORNING WORLD…….Lots of fish were caught for the second half of the week despite a very quiet day yesterday.
Our Danish pals Lars and Anders joined us with some friends for their final visit this season before heading back home for a while. The same goes for our mate Gary who squeezed a final session in before he too had to go back for a rest. Still, lots of Mekong Cats coming out, they will normally slow down when the rains come which we all hope will be soon and there are plenty of other species waiting in their place.
A crappy 1-star Google review from a customer who said he did not realise that the fish was put back after being caught which was animal cruelty! He carried on fishing and then took the time to leave a review but did no research before coming……they are out there folks….be careful !!!????
Our friend Dorothy puts another candle on the cake this coming Sunday 🎂🎂🎂 and will be joining us on Monday evening for a little celebration so if anyone would like to join us to wish Dot a Happy Birthday everyone is welcome.
A little space available for today with good availability for the coming week, tomorrow will be our last Sunday open until the high season so why not get in touch and join us for some……”FUNFISHIN!”……..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎