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When the Fish are biting
Lots of people, lots of fish and lots of smiling faces yesterday.
A baptism of fire for one Lady angler from The Lebanon who wanted to try fishing for the first time. She contacted us the day before saying she would like to try a short session so I advised her to get here for opening time and avoid the hotter part of the day. She took the advice and with the help of our Guide “Boy” she was into an Arapaima within minutes of fishing, not a bad way to start a session and “Arry” was followed by several Amazon Red Tail Catfish for her and her friend, well done girls.
The Red Tails have been a little quieter than normal lately and now we think we know why. These beautiful fish have taste receptors all over their skin which they shed from time to time, when they do this, like snakes they stop feeding and we have noticed that many that have been caught look like they have been to the salon as the white is much brighter and the reds and oranges much more vibrant. The fact that they have starved themselves over a period of time usually means a feeding frenzy afterwards which could be why we are seeing more of them again now.
Lots of Siamese Carp, Striped Catfish, Walking Catfish, Asian red Tails and Pacu keeping customers from Russia and Uzbekistan on different packages busy throughout the day and one French repeat customer really bagged up from the disabled swim with literally non stop fish and some very chunky Pacu in the mix.
The afternoon rain did not deter the customers and definitely not the fish that just kept on coming.
A really nice bunch of people form all over the world all enjoying some……….”FUNFISHIN!”……….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎