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When the Fish are biting
Our little adventure comes to an end today with our last day of fishing spent at New Bungsamran on the outskirts of Bangkok. The day looked promising with yours truly into a nice Mekong catfish within 3 minutes of my first cast. Tim and Henry both had some dustbin lid-sized Pacu and Tim went on to get a couple of nice Tambaqui so another new species for him. Things then slowed down showing that not even the most prolific fisheries produce constantly. Henry and others that joined the mele landed Mekong Catfish, Siamese Carp and Striped Catfish, a couple more Striped Catfish for yours truly and a few fish dropped by all of us. The “regulars” all said it was nowhere near at its best, it’s reputation proceeds it but the fish are big and it was a very enjoyable day in great company and great to meet some top people in the flesh after knowing each other for so long “on line”. We left earlier than the others so I can’t comment on the catches later I’ll be taking back a few ideas to try at my place and I managed to source some items at the onsite shop that I just can’t get in Phuket and John is very kindly sending them on to me.
Once again a big Thank you to Henry aka “ICW” for all his help.
The comedy of errors did continue as Neil and I ordered a taxi to take us back into Bangkok for our last night, the taxi said he was waiting for us and we were waiting for him but nothing to be seen and then he cancelled, we managed to book another one and after anther long wait we eventually made our way back, two very weary and short-tempered travellers. After a long hot shower, I did manage to take the ten-minute walk to “Middle Eastern Street” a must for me whenever in Bangkok, a nice Arabic meal, beer free again and the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a very long time…..I must be getting old!
Breakfast soon, a bit of a walk around taking in the sights and sounds that this crazy city has to offer, and a chill by the roof top pool before heading back to work. Missing Phuket and my girls and am ready to help Jen celebrate her birthday tomorrow.
Thanks again to all involved……….”FUNFISHIN!”……..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎