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When the Fish are biting
Phuket really has started to bounce back with a lot more people around and its been nice to welcome back so many familiar faces that we have not seen for a long time along of course with some new ones.
We welcomed Kitty back and she was more than happy with herself bagging a couple of new species with the help of our recently returned guide “BOY” who guided her the last time she was here. Great to see her and some friends she bought along too.
Lasse from Denmark was back again for the second time in a week, lots of fish for him and the Chao Phraya Cats showing really well along with the Carp and the Red Tails. A double hook up for Lasse with a nice Chao Phraya and a little Asian Red Tail Cat, polls apart in size and lovely to see the Asian Red Tails breeding so well. A similar catch went for our pal Del who landed a small but perfect formed Yellow Tail catfish, much smaller than their cousins but beautiful little fish non the less and it shows that you just don’t know what will take your bait.
“Dad’nDaughter” fishing for our returning friends from Hungary and of course some “Dad’nLad” fishing for others with customers from all over the world….England, Russia, Hungary, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark all represented and all enjoying lots of …….”FUNFISHIN!”……..