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When the Fish are biting
Plenty of customers from England, Poland, Australia, Russia, Scotland and Saudi Arabia over the last couple of days and while the fishing has not been quite at its best still loads of fish and everyone getting in on the action.
Our pal Jimmy Robinson nicknamed “young man” by our guide “Boy” (we have other names for him) targeted the Chao Phraya Catfish yesterday and while this means less fish he tempted two good sized freshwater sharks along with Red Tail cats. It was nice to see the Saudi boys back again and our thanks to our pal “Crusty” aka Barry Gregory for introducing us to another customer.
Aussie angler Brett joint us for the day on Thursday and having already fished other venues on his travels it was good to see him “bag up” in the afternoon after a relatively slow start in the morning, another example of you just never know when they are going to be on the feed but it all turned out good, he a had a great day and it was nice to share a “cold one” with him at the end of it.
Availability is good for the coming days but we have been fairly busy every day of late with lots of walk in customers that we welcome but as things get busier still in the coming weeks we strongly recommend that customers contact us before coming, get your place booked and enjoy some………..”FUNFISHIN”…………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎