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When the Fish are biting
Yesterday was still quiet but just enough going on to keep the wolf away from our door for a little longer.
We were joined for the day by a lovely family from Kazakhstan, some non-stop Dad’nLad action while Mum took the photos. Lots of fish from the start and a good selection of species kept them very busy, they told us that the had fished in Phuket a few years ago at another venue but they would be coming back to us again, just what we want to hear.

Aussie newlyweds Mitch and Katie from Brisbane took little time out from their honeymoon and joined us for the afternoon. Their first cast was a double hook up and the fish just kept on coming, thanks guys,


and good to meet you.

Season ticket holder Fernand also spent the afternoon with us and as ever he got well amongst ’em as did our pal Ray Grindy who took a little time out from running “The City Bar” in Rawai, he started with an English Breakfast before getting into the fish, welcome back Ray, great to see you again.
As is the norm these days we have just a couple of names in the book so availability is very good. The forecast says that we are due a little more wet stuff over the coming days but fear not, it rarely rains all day and the fish really don’t care. There is shelter all around the lake and the truth is it is often more comfortable than being out in the sun, the rain is never cold and there are rain Macs and towels available so if the beach or the pool are not that appealing or the boat trip you had planned is cancelled there are lots of hungry fish swimming around in here with your name on them. Give us a shout, book your place, come and catch ’em and enjoy some ……”FUNFISHIN !”……….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎