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When the Fish are biting
Slowly but surely the Mekong catfish are starting to show again. Pre Covid we were catching lots of these very hard-fighting fish during the high season but as the customers stopped coming and less food was being introduced to the water they went off the feed, my theory is that they just turned back on to natural food as they are filter feeders. A few weeks ago we stocked another 50 odd of them in the hope that the new arrivals would feed and trigger the original residents to do the same. It did not happen as quickly as we hoped but they are starting to show again and our French customer Vincent found out just how hard they fight. Not content with that he also went on to do battle with Chao Phraya Cats and several other species for a hectic day.
Aussie angler Luke was here with his Son Peter for the day, there’s nothing better than some Dad’nLad fishing, the young fella loved it and for such a young lad he did great throughout the whole day, lots of fish and a couple of real lumps, he will have slept well last night!
Other customers on shorter sessions from England, Wales and Russia also got amongst the fish.
We offer 3 packages here which to my knowledge is not an option anywhere else but it seems that people still want to move the goalposts. A full day is self-explanatory, half days are 8.30 – 1.30 or 1.30 – 6.30. These are both bookable with deposits on our website, in person or via Thai bank transfers. The short 2.5-hour sessions are not bookable and we do advise customers to contact us prior to coming to check availability. This information is out there on all of our social media outlets so please take a moment to read the information that is there for your benefit.
Bookings are still coming in thick and fast and if you fancy some of the above why not get in touch and join us for some…….”FUNFISHIN”………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎