MORNING WORLD……A fairly busy second half of the week, the attached photos showing some of the many fish caught as the Mekong Cats continue to feed for fun along with Siamese Carp, Striped Catfish, Pacu, Red Tail Cats and various other species keeping the rods bent and smiles on faces.
There is no denying that our water levels are lower than we’d like, normal for the time of year with this year being a little lower than usual after a very long hot, dry spell and hardly any rain so for the benefit of the “experts” (who incidentally have no idea how deep our lake is) there is still plenty of water and lake bed oxygen is pumped all day and night with two further oxygenators turned on at night when the oxygen levels go down so our fish are swimming in a world of bubbles. The proof is in the pudding as the fish would not feed if they were starved of oxygen and believe me we would be the first to decide to stop fishing if we felt it necessary. The rains are coming and the levels will be back up again in no time, the water hyacinth will be doing there best to cover the lake and it will all look pretty again ready for the cycle to repeat itself.
A little space available today, the lake, the fish and the staff get a day of rest tomorrow with good availability for next week so if you can get your head around the fact that water levels drop in the dry season but you’d still like to catch some very healthy hard fighting fish then come and join us for some……..”FUNFISHIN!”……….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎