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When the Fish are biting
Some photos of some of the fish caught Tuesday and yesterday. We are surprised and thankful that we continue to still be very busy with customers from all over the world, some first timers here and others back for the second or third visit in a matter of days. The fish have been feeding well with the Red Tails really starting to show particularly early and late which is nothing new. The Mekong and Striped Catfish are still well on the munch and the odd lump of a Chao Phraya is always intent on pulling someones muscles. The “Arrys” have been teasing everyone, hooked and lost so we must be due another one soon.
Normally meeting customers is a complete pleasure, listening and reading their positive feedbacks and reviews better still but there is always one isn’t there. We received a 2 star review from a walk in customer who was here for part of the afternoon and left early. In a nut shell he said it was boring and we did not have the fish we said we had. I responded so he went on to change the review wording and lowered it to 1 star to which I responded again.
Chili Red Arowana
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Review left by Chili Red Arowana
starstarstarstarstar 8 hours ago
Very small pond, I did not see any Arapaima or red tail catfish. Staff was busy fishing himself and was not so interested to redo my bait. One staff served 2 different groups and he still can do fishing himself? When i reached initially, there was nobody at the reception even though i made an appointment, had to walk around until one of the busy staff saw me.
Response from the ownerjust now
We have never said we were a big pond and if you look at photos on social media and our website you can see that quite clearly. In fact we describe it as a small lake. Red Tails are predators are predators and tend to be caught early and late which in fact goes for many of the species. We have a few Arapaima and they get caught from time to time and no one has ever said that they are easy to catch. As I sit at my laptop now beside the lake I am witnessing Mekong Catfish, Siamese Carp and yes Red Tails being caught and for the record at least half of todays customers are repeat which tells its own story so sorry if you found us boring and thanks for the 2 star review which I’m sure will make you feel better. Incidentally I see that you have re worded your review and downgraded it to one star, I bet you feel great now. For the record you never had an appointment as you had not booked online. You contacted me to see if there was room for walk in place to which I said that there was. You fished the middle of the day which is the most challenging, not staying the full session and taking advantage of the cooler late afternoon which any angler knows can be more productive and if you read the rules and guidelines available to everyone you will see that it clearly says that the guides are there as the name suggests to guide you, not fish for you. You are quite right we were all very busy which tells its own story so I do apologise for not laying out the red carpet . I suggest that you check out this mornings post on one of our social media pages and you will see te fish that were caught yesterday. Get your facts right before trying to ruin peoples business and if you had issues why did you not bring them up with us when you were here. I think you have found your new hobby and it involves a keyboard not a fishing rod
Some of my response may not make a lot of sense as it was relevant to his original review that he changed. I don’t want to bore people with crap like this but it just shows how damaging one person can be. The last 14 photos in this post are just some of the fish caught yesterday…..perhaps he should have looked at that before he put pen to paper….rant over !
More of the same today a few booking and still some availability, no red carpets but you would still be very welcome to join us for some……..”FUNFISHIN!”………..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎