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The Build – Chalong Fishing Park

After considering a permanent move to Phuket for a number of years and wondering what I could do to support myself after the move, in 2015 I finally made the decision to make that move.  From there a plan came together and I moved to Phuket just under a year ago with the intent to run a fishing lake.  Slowly that plan was put together and after taking a couple of U turns away from existing fisheries my partner, Jen, and I decided we would undertake the building of a lake from scratch.

We immediately began to look for a piece of land that would fit the needs of our project. We found a great site which fitted our needs perfectly in Soi Suksan 1, the link road between Viset Road and Patak Road.  An approach was made to the owner and we acquired 4 Rai (1.58 acres) of land right on the bend by Tamarind Villas and the dream stepped towards a reality.

From the moment we signed contracts securing the land the rollercoaster ride began.  Those of you that know Thailand will understand that statement.  We started by securing a number of quotes for the construction of the Lake and the supporting buildings which would include a restaurant, staff quarters and a bungalow for Jen and me.   The decision was made to use one particular company, they were instructed and work commenced fairly quickly.

The build had its ups and downs but again it took us towards the conclusion of the dream.  The below photos tell the story of the way the build happened.  As with any project like this, the finishing will be ongoing.  There will be natural maturing of the site and I’m sure additions and expansions, as well as putting things straight.  It will all take time but the basis is there for that growth to be built upon.


The Build – Chalong Fishing Park

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