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When the Fish are biting
The late monsoon rains really have made their presence known over the last few days and while today looks a little better it looks like its set to continue for a few days yet. Understandably the rain keeps people away but those who did braved it were well rewarded. In the morning we had and American angler join us for a short session, living in Texas and originally from Louisiana he was probably more used to “noodling” for catfish but he did a good job catching them and Siamese carp with rod and line.
The afternoon saw a couple from Bulgaria. They opted to fish the far bank with the driving rain in their faces for much of the time but their bright orange rain macs did not put off the fish of which there were many, the icing on the cake being a nice Arapaima that have been very active over the last couple of days.
After very heavy rain early this morning the skys are looking a little brighter. There are some names in the book for today but still lots of space. Conditions are cool (cold to some of us) which makes things a little more comfortable when playing the bigger fish, there is shelter all around the lake and your skin don’t leak so if you are stuck for something to do and the beach is not that appealing then why not give us a shout and join us for some …….”FUNFISHIN!”………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎