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When the Fish are biting
The second part of the week continued to be just as busy as the first with plenty of good fish coming out. The Mekong Catfish are definitely back on it along with the Chao Phraya Cats and Siamese Carp. The Arapaima continue to tease, a few hooked and lost and one bought to the pen a couple of days ago and plenty of the newly introduced Grass Carp and Rohu taking the baits. The Amazon, Asian and Tiger Red Tails a little quieter than normal but still some showing and if you get a shoal of Pacu in your swim you are sure to be kept busy.
It’s always nice to see old friends and on Thursday we welcomed back Dave, Anna and Wayne and thanked to them for the goodies they bought over for us, much appreciated especially when you take into account weight restrictions on flights. Dave and Wayne’s afternoon session started a little slowly and then they woke up (the fish that is) a double take of Mekong Cats is not a bad way to get the session going.
Yesterday was tinged with a little sadness as we said farewell to my mate Phill and his pal Shaun. After a “last night” session at Freedom bar in Rawai, the chaps and yours truly were a little shabby in the morning. Still, they managed to squeeze one final session in before heading to the airport and some good fish for them including a cracking Chao Phraya Cat for Shaun on only his 3rd time fishing. Another good pal “Brummie Paul” is also homeward bound this morning and he also joined the mele in the afternoon, a few “goodbye cold ones” around “The Office” table we wish them all safe travels and look forward to seeing them again soon.
Bookings continue to come in thick and fast and at least 2 days’ notice should be allowed for, with bookings taken with deposits on our website or in person with cash or Thai bank transfer, get your name down and join us for some……….”FUNFISHIN!”………🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎