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When the Fish are biting
This little lady will be turning 5 years old in just a few days’ time, and Jazzy is inviting all her Aunties, Uncles, and some of her own age group to her Birthday Party on Monday 10th April. Jazzy is one lucky little girl having so many friends here and far away, she gets spoilt rotten so please don’t go silly, it’s your presence not your presents that counts (though she may well disagree with that!) Lots of fun, silliness, splashing in the pool, crying, teasing, telling tales and tantrums and I’m sure the kids will find something to keep them entertained too.
Games, nibbles, cake etc from late afternoon into the evening, the Bar B Q will be lit and Jazzy has even hinted that she may lay on some grown-up drinks……attention all balloon chasers 555. Anyone who would like to fish is welcome to do so and we will have the park to ourselves for the afternoon.
Please feel free to share this and we hope to see you soon.