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When the Fish are biting
To say we have been busy lately would be an enormous understatement and I’m sure many of you will be relieved at the lack of posts over the last few days but you’re not getting away that easily so here’s just a small selection of the many fish caught recently. Siamese Carp, Mekong catfish, Striped Catfish, Pacu, Amazon Red Tail, Tiger Red Tail, Asian Red Tail, Gourami, Rohu and a few dropped Arapaima have kept our many customers busy with several of them coming back for more.
It goes without saying that with more people fishing there are probably going to be less fish caught per person and some definitely do better than others, partly down to work rate and experience. Still, everyone is catching fish which is the name of the game. We do have customers commenting that we should have fewer people fishing and guess what most of the year we do, this is peak season and anyone in business would understand that this is the time of year we have to capitalise on being busy, it’s simple arithmetic, overheads need covering so if we had fewer people fishing we would have to charge more which goes against everything we have worked for…..we’ll never please ’em all. The weather this year has been all over the place, usually wall-to-wall sunshine at this time of year but that has not been the case with cooler evenings and more rain than usual but no excuses needed, fish are still being caught in good numbers by customers from all over the world and once again nice to see old faces and welcome new ones.
Bookings continue to come in thick and fast and while we appreciate that not everyone speaks the same language there is lots of information out there. Most people find out about us from the internet so please take a little time to take in the advice offered. At the moment we are fully booked at least a day ahead so please get in touch first or better still book on our website, secure your place and join us for some…….”FUNFISHIN!”……..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎