MORNING WORLD………… Lots of fish were caught over the second half of the week and as reported previously we are starting to see a few different species as the seasons change, the Mekong catfish are still feeding well and we are starting to see more Siamese Carp, some Big Head Carp, more Amazon and Asian Red Tail Catfish, Albino Striped Catfish, Alligator Gar and a good few Rip Saw Cats that like a pellet or boilie nailed hard to the bottom as our pal Kevin found out the other day on a session with his cousin and our good friend Mark from Islander sports bar and restaurant in Rawai, good to see them both and glad they had a busy session.
Things have picked up a little from earlier in the month but this time of year is traditionally quieter so there is no better time than now to get amongst ’em. We have some spaces this afternoon, closed tomorrow and availability is good for the coming week. Even though it is less busy we never really know what’s going to happen so if you would like a guaranteed place we still advise pre-booking through our website, get your name in the book and join us for some ………..”FUNFISHIN!”……..