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When the Fish are biting
We don’t really need to prove what we post but here’s a little evidence that rainy days can still be fun days with lots and lots of fish.
We did not expect to see many (if any) customers yesterday and were pleasantly surprised when a customer from the UK turned up early on for a short morning session and bagged over 10 fish in a little over 2 hours. Soon after 3 young anglers from the Ukraine also joined us for a short action packed session and the rain that was on and off all day did not stop the fish feeding. Another Brit angler, Mark and his Thai pal joined us for the afternoon as did Dad’nLad duo Chris and Jaxen from California. They all got well amongst the fish and Jaxen said it was his best day in Thailand….happy to oblige.
Our pal Brian, aka “Wig” had been in touch and planned an afternoon with his girls April and Amie which was also a good excuse to meet up with some of his old mates who are here on holiday. Great to welcome the “Geordie Boys” (Newcastle for those who don’t know). These fine fellas have been coming over here as long as I have and we’ve had many a laugh and probably more cold one over the years. Alan and Tony got into the fishing while Stevie, Michael and Scon cheered on. The girls were well into the fish but it was not long before Alan and Tony got into the swing of things with some nice Siamese carp and Red tails giving them all lots of sport and lots of laughs. Great when old friends reunite and no better way of doing it, thanks for a top afternoon guys and Gals.
Well, it’s still raining and while the sky’s are a little brighter than the last couple of days the wet stuff looks set to stay for a while longer but fear not there is cover all around the lake, the fish love water and are always hungry so if cabin fever is setting in at the hotel why not come and join us, you may well get wet but you won’t be disappointed …have a go at some……”FUNFISHIN!”….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟🌦🌧☔️😎