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When the Fish are biting
A quiet Saturday with the weather at this time of year working against us, when its raining they don’t want to get wet and when its sunny they run for the beach or the pool and who could blame them ? That said the rain does not deter the fish and sometimes its more comfortable being a little damp than being too hot.
We did welcome a Danish Dad’nLad duo who asked us what the chances of catching were when they arrived in the morning. I smiled, told them not to worry and they would catch lots, perhaps the looks on their faces showed a little doubt but that soon changed as they “bagged up” on Siamese Carp, Striped Catfish, Pacu, Red Tails, a bonus Chao Phraya Catfish and hooked but lost Arapaima. Very happy with their days work they left beaming and wowing to return.
We also had a couple of our season ticket customers join us in the afternoon and our pal Tim Darton was once again using his fly rod. Our mutual friend Neil got wind of this and as our planned sea fishing trip aboard “Fish Eagle” was blown off he bought his fly tying kit along, something he says he has not opened for near on 40 years. They went through the goodies and after several fly’s were tried the Red Tail Cats could not resist them, mission accomplished !
Our mate Paul came along with better half Ann and Daughter Elly who is Jazzy’s best fried at school, the pair of them were straight in the pool before deciding to catch some Java Barb, which they both succeeded in doing so jazzy had her first pupil and Elly caught her first fish, lovely and very nice afternoon around “the office” with a few cold ones in great company, compensation for the lack of customers.
The staff and the fish had a rest day yesterday but we are all back at it again from 8.30 this morning. There is a little wet stuff forecast for the coming week but there is shelter all around the lake and the fish really don’t care so if the beach or the pool are not that appealing and you can brave a little rain why not get involved, you won’t be disappointed with probably the nearest thing you will get to a guaranteed catch so come and join us for some………”FUNFISHIN!”……….🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎


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