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When the Fish are biting
While the customers were a little thin on the ground the fish just kept on coming and those who did cast a line really did “bag up”.
A couple from Australia had booked through a tour company for the day and they were into the fish from the first cast with Siamese Carp, Red Tails, Pacu, Striped Cats and more keeping them both very busy.
The same thing went for a couple from Singapore who joined us for a short session in the afternoon and below is the review that they kindly left for us.
andrea yan
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9 hours agoNEW
First time fishing overseas and it was such a fun experience. Staff was very helpful and we were getting bites every 5-10 minutes! Fishes were huge with long fighting time. Totally worth the money spent!
There were two other “phone bookings” due yesterday amounting to 4 customers and another the previous day amounting to 2 customers. These were all “no shows” and did not have the decency to let us know they weren’t coming. We ask customers to contact us before coming so that we can plan the day, get tackle ready and pre mix the ground bait, thaw out any frozen baits and generally get everything prepared so the customer is not hanging around. When a customer contacts us the “booking” is written in the book and positions around the lake are allocated meaning if other customers want to fish these positions are blocked out meaning we may well have put off other potential customers. We appreciate that these people are on holiday and owe us nothing but manners also cost nothing and a call or a message would be very easy. As a business that has just about survived the last couple of years we can not afford to loose out like this so from now on THE ONLY WAY WE CAN GUARANTEE A BOOKING IS IT IS MADE THROUGH THE BOOKING FORM ON OUR WEBSITE WITH DEPOSITS PAID THROUGH OUR PAY PAL ACCOUNT, ITS SIMPLE, SECURE AND EVERYONE KNOWS WHERE THEY STAND.
We will still continue to welcome walk in customers and will still encourage them to contact us prior to coming. This not only helps us out but will save them a wasted journey and probably a taxi fare if we are fully booked.
A couple of names in todays book, hopefully they will turn up but there is still lots of availability, the fish are bang up for it so you really won’t be disappointed , GET IN TOUCH and join us for some………”FUNFISHIN!”………..🎣🎣🎣🐠🐠🐠🐟🐟🐟😎😎😎